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Nothing is Eternal by Starbat

I have not heard of "Journey of the Spark", so my critique will only be based on what I actually see in this piece. To that end, some parts would be speculations, which I will point out as I go.

Lets start with the concept - it is very suggestive, with all the pieces playing part in the general message; the contradiction between light shining through the window and Discord actually winning (at least it seems that way) gives a great feeling of sadness to the viewer, regardless to teh side he/she roots for. A complex, somewhat chaotic whole plays a great homeage to the Lord of Chaos, who basically lives by such principals.

That also gives one a feeling that this is unusual; it's rare to find pieces that leave such freedom of interpretation - the viewer can understand this work in various ways, all of which are just as pleasing; more often then not, art has a specific message that sets you on a certain course - here you can either decide that Discord is victorious or that Twilight managed to defeat him, granted the latter is a bit less likely in this setting, mostly due to the pony's tears.

The style you used is very detailed; on one hand it plays homeage to the source material (in this case meaning MLP), keeping a rather simple drawing technique and yet countless triflings show how much work was actually put into this piece - the lighting and window itself being prime examples. One can also spot Twilight's coat being a tad messy; this gives the pic a more realistic feel then the show itself, despite staying true to the designs from the show. It's an interesting take; granted, not one I'm overly found of, but this can be labelled as "personal preference" for most part. I just never found it pleasable to mix two style that "obviously".

The impact of the piece is undeniable however - it can easily strike you with depression as well as hope, due to its play with lighting and concept as a whole. A fountain of emotions nearly pours into one, be it by surprise or "frontal assault" and while the pic may not have enough "strength" to release all those experiences from the viewer, they are definately there, lurking at the back of their mood.
All in all, its a kind of piece that may not be "grand", but is, without a doubt, one that no-one can simply dismiss as ordinary.
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Starbat Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Judging by your profile, you seem to be a brony, or at least someone who enjoys MLP, if you prefer that distinction. It's interesting that despite that, you have not heard of Journey of the Spark. It's just about the most exciting and ambitious fan-project that I am aware of.

Nevertheless, the fact that you are not aware of the background info behind this piece, gives you an interesting perspective. I really appreciate your insight into what a naive viewer would get from this picture. ("naive" is not meant as a negative connotation)

Your critique is very in-depth and interpretive. Thank you.

I think I know what you mean about mixing styles. While I love the crisp, colorful minimalism of the show-style, I feel a certain compulsion to give it just a little bit more detail, to ground it in what may feel more like a real, physical place. But like you said, I'm sure it's just a matter of taste.

Thank you again for your critique. I always love getting this kind of feedback. :)
Rongal Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I do enjoy the show, but calling me a brony may be an overstatement (not that I'd mind or anything), since I generally just stick to the show itself. This is probably why I haven't heard of "Journey of the Spark" - I'm not specifically searching for anything MLP-relate that's not diverted from the cartoon itself. You pic did peek my interest in the endevour however ;)

I realize that, should I know that movie, I'd probably be able to write a more "accurate" opinion, although in my critiques I generally try to concentrate on feelings a piece brings up in recipants as I think it's that play on emotions what makes art... well, art ;) By my standards even an "ugly" drawing can be a masterpiece, if done "correctly"... to that end, it's not so much technique that impress me (although I can appreciate the work someone puts into their pics), but what one tries to achieve and their ability to do so ;)

Glad you found my opinion useful. Good luck on future projects ;)
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